Digitize Your Construction Site

At eguana, we develop wireless construction monitoring systems that allow you to manage your ground and tunnelling construction sites from the tip of your fingers.


Construction Monitoring Systems

Improving Your Construction Site Every Step Of The Way

eguanas construction monitoring systems allow you to digitally collect construction data in real time and around the clock, wirelessly transmit that data to our web-platform that visualises the data and automatically evaluates it to detect deficiencies while providing a platform for stakeholders to communicate efficiently.

Eguanas Construction Monitoring Systems Are Customizable

Plug And Play

Easily incorporate our systems with existing infrastructure to meet your construction monitoring requirements.

Our construction monitoring systems can easily be incorporated into your already existing infrastructure to create customized solutions that meet the exact requirements for your construction site. This permits a rapid and cost-effective process meeting the highest quality assurances.

Eguana Has Reliable Construction Monitoring Systems

Reliable Monitoring

Collect construction measurements in real-time and around the clock while ensuring data integrity and uptime. 

Our wireless construction monitoring systems allow you to continuously monitor and diagnose a variety of units in real time and around the clock. Our integrated logic units automatically detect and correct potential malfunctions and interferences to ensure data integrity and uptime.

Eguanas Construction Monitoring Systems Can Visualize

Visualize And Analyze

Visualize your entire construction site clearly while allowing automatic data analysis to ensure construction quality and safety.

Our online platform allows you to visualize your construction data and provides tools for evaluation and analysis to ensure construction quality, machinery conditions, consumption volumes, documentation while detecting defects and deficiencies. The systems significantly saves you time and reduces overall costs.

Eguana Construction Monitoring Systems Can Optimize

Process Optimization

Use our software applications so you can optimize and automate construction processes to reduce costs and increase the quality.

With the help of our software applications that visualize, analyze and evaluate construction data, you can gain insights into your construction processes and their distributions. This further gives you starting points to derive optimization and automation strategies to enhance your construction processes.

Make Sense Of Big Data

Generate Invaluable Information From Boundless Data Sets

Are You Ready To Derive Invaluable Information From Your Big Data?

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What Sets Us Apart

Always Keeping You One Step Ahead

Currently construction technicians rely on complex cable connected measurements systems to collect vast amounts of data on time intensive tools like handwritten notes and spreadsheets to manually import, visualize and evaluate it. eguanas wireless construction monitoring system represents a new milestone in modern day technology by eliminating all those challenges.

Wireless & Robust Systems

Our wireless systems eliminate error-prone, time and cost-intensive physical cabling. The solid housing enables operation even in the most extreme environments.

Customizable Systems

Our systems are designed to enable quick and easy software or hardware modifications to meet your exact requirements.

Save Time & Money

No more cost & time intensive manual processing. Our systems not only visualize data but also enable automated data evaluation.

Customer Service

We naturally give individual support regarding our systems, but also provide guidance with your big data collected from other systems.


Customized Electronic Systems

Our construction monitoring systems can also be adapted to your requirements through a collaborative effort that creates custom tailored electronic solutions.

Our Steps To Your Success

With the following basic steps, we work closely together with you in order to create the finest customized solutions to your challenges in electronic systems.

Steps to Customized Electronic Systems

We evaluate your goals and examine the most effective ways of reaching it. This phase heavily depends on a close and mutual collaboration to match our expertise with your objectives. With experience from over thirty years in a wide range of fields like regulation, measurement and wireless technologies, UAV technologies, automotive, and embedded systems, we can certainly find a solution for you.  

eguana consists of both hardware and software experts, which allows us to have full control of the development process every step of the way. This guarantees compatibility among the building blocks of the completed system in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our customization process aims to combine already existing infrastructure with the most up to date technology to keep you at the top of today’s competitive market space.

Once the solutions are complete and thoroughly tested we take time to train the necessary members of your team to employ the system independently. Independence is a key to a company’s success, and we strive to reach that goal with you.

It goes without saying that we naturally have the best know-how of eguana developed systems. While we value a company’s independence and help you reach that stage in the deployment phase, we recognize the importance of standing by your side to help when you need us the most. We therefore realize that it goes hand-in-hand with follow up support which has become a cornerstone of our company.

You Bring Your Idea. We Make It Happen.

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