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A community of passionate individuals with the purpose of doing what we love while being challenged to develop innovative technologies that empower our clients.

Our Expertise

Technically Qualified & Client Oriented

Our teams consists of hardware developers, software developers and project managers with over thirty years of experience. The expertise lie in the fields of safety-critical embedded systems, measurement collection, control and regulation technology, low-level programming, web applications, Internet of Things (loT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. Our broad scope in know-how and years of experience enhances our problem solving skills and enables us to perfectly meet your needs.

Our Culture

Core Values We Cultivate Every Step Of The Way


We strive to be innovative, future-oriented and continuously evolving to bring about milestones in modern day technology.

Environmentally Sustainable

We embrace a sustainable environmental strategy by creating systems that reduce resource consumption and carbon emissions.


We embrace partnerships and transparency as the best results come through close cooperation that enables us all to fully specialise on what we do best.

Partners and Clients

Institutions That Believe In Us


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We Look Forward To Having You On Board

We are constantly looking for dedicated students in the field of hardware and software development who are eager to gather practical experience in a young company. We also gladly offer internships and supervision of Bachelor’s and Master’s papers.

For other professionals interested in working in a young company that strives to make a difference, we would gladly review your application for one of the following job openings:

Full Stack JavaScript Web Developer

Please use this Job Description and the form below to send us your application with an attached portfolio.

JavaScript Data Visualization Engineer

Please use this Job Description and the form below to send us your application with an attached portfolio.


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