• Tempjet: You don’t only measure twice

    What do a specialist foundation engineer and a secret agent have in common? More than one might think. Equipped with many technical gadgets, both primarily work in the dark and you rarely see them doing their work. What the grenade launcher is for James Bond is the power drill for…

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  • Work hard, work hard, build a wee tunnel!

    March 11 is all about the work. At least if you believe in the calendar of curious holidays. This day pays tribute to office work (on the one hand with the day of the nap at the workplace, on the other hand with the refill-your-stapler-day) and the manual work (with…

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  • Password security – Better safe than sorry

    We all know the problem: new month – new password. With every passing day we are getting closer to Febuary 1st – the international “change-your-password-day”. But a password change is easier said than done. A change is normally accompanied by a vain attempt to log on with the old password,…

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  • Man, machine, mechatronics

    Man is a confusing mixture of opposites and contradictions. Couchpotato and crossfitter, Stone Age man and quantum physicist, macho and feminist are often united in one person, the alcoholic says no to drugs in pill form, the animal lover likes a good Sunday roast. Furthermore, the homo sapiens is workaholic…

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  • Incredibly versatile! – The grouting packer

    The year is drawing to an end and right on time, like clockwork, people are getting into the Christmas stress. Already, the first Christmas markets have opened and by advent time even the loneliest hermit will be carried away by the annual Christmas gifts panic. While crowds of people are…

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  • Patty-cake, patty-cake, patty-cake

    Or: what makes a good grout– quality assurance in grouting technology High-tech kitchen, new pots, shiny pans and even a zucchini pasta cutter. Also a family recipe that makes your mouth water simply by reading – but what is it good for if maggots are in the flour and free…

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  • Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

    A premiere on European ground: Grouting Fundamentals

    It was an absolute premiere to which we sent Philipp and Peter in September. No, this blog is not about Ad Astra, the newest space movie starring Brad Pitt in the highly praised role of an astronaut on his galactic search for his lost father. While he is travelling to…

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  • angsteinflößende KI: T900. Credit: Lothar Dieterich, pixabay

    Artificial intelligence in tunnel engineering

    It is the year 1991. Imagine a bar, filled with cigarette smoke, a few long-haired men in leather jackets are bent over pool tables. Arnold Schwarzenegger enters the stage. In his birthday suit. “I want your clothes, your boots and your motorbike your power drill.” What has been a small…

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  • Leguane

    Scales – born to be alive

    The summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. Of course, we always stayed in our cool office so that our iguana does not get red scales. Meanwhile, we made a few improvements and additions to SCALES – but let’s start at the beginning. An entire construction site at…

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  • Sealing in tunnelling – Bring on the water!

    Water is known to be the source of all life. We came from the sea (and every summer we are drawn back there), we consist of 70% water, some of us take a shower every now and then (what I’ve heard). However, in the tunnelling industry people mostly refer to…

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